We are happy, we are Cloud.

CLOUD is a telecommunications operator, which provides different Internet services through wireless technology (4G – WiMAX 5G – Wi-Fi) and fibre optics.

CLOUD has been operating in the province of Alicante for over 8 years in different companies, hotels, campsites, events, public spaces, among others. During this time, we have developed and managed technological systems to efficiently solve our clients’ needs.
We deal with our clients directly, with periodic visits, advice and personalized attention.

At CLOUD our priority is our customers’ happiness. And we bring you happiness with Fibre optic.


That’s how we are, happy.

We want you to know us.
We have prepared a corporate dossier with our services, both for individuals and for companies. That’s the way we are, and that’s how we want you to be. Happy.